Sunwayfoto FL-54 Outdoor Video Light

$119.00 inc. GST

  • Changeable Color Temperature From 3000K-5500K
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Super lightweight Only 144g with 1/4″ Screw Socket, easy mount
  • 54 Total LED Lights
  • Built-in, integrated Lithium Battery
  • Includes a USB cable for charging
  • Magnetic Base or Hot Shoe Mount

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Available on Backorder
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FL-54 is one multi-functional video light, besides working as a fill light, it’s also an outdoor light for outdoor activities. With its compact size and easy assembling, this light is suitable for outdoor lighting and photography under different circumstances.  FL-54 has both infinitely variable output (5%-100%) and colour temperature (3000-5500K), this is one ideal fill light to help create high-quality photos under different circumstances.

Quick Lighting High Working Efficiency
User-friendly digital display ensures shorter time taken in lighting adjustment, and the same setting can be reused easily.

Bring True Color of Details
LED power source with a high colour rendering index of Ra96.

Working as Reading Light
Soft and even beam pattern with adjustable output and colour temperature, providing a comfortable lighting environment for reading and protect your eyes.


Charging Port
With 5.0 DC input, charging time is less than 2 hours.

Tum On/Off Power
Depress and hold the power button to turn on or turn off the light.

Time Left
Using time left under current output, and “m” stands for minute.

Battery Left
Battery left at current output.

Adjusting Indication
Depress the multi-functional button and the pointer at the area, twist the button leftwards for higher output and rightwards for lower output.

Depress the multi-functional button and the pointer at the area, twist the button leftwards to increase colour temperature and rightwards to decrease colour temperature.

Current Output
Under the discharging condition, 100% stands for high output and 5% is low output.

Current Color Temperature
Under discharging condition, 5500K stands for cool white and 3000K stands for neutral white.

Power Supply Indication
This icon will display when the light plugin.

Multi-functional Button
Depress this button to switch between output and colour temperature adjustment.

Hot Shoe Foot
Insert the foot at the base of the light into the hot shoe of the camera, and twist the locking ring to lock it.


Solid Metal Body
Durable 6061 Aerospace-grade aluminium with excellent heat dissipation, which extends the service life of the product.

360 Degrees Rotation
Full rotation of the light provides very convenient light filling.

Digital Display
OLED panel ensures swift turn-on for easy operation.

Magnetic Force
Strong magnetic base to be attached on any iron surface conveniently for lighting.

1/4″ screw
With the 1/4″ socket at the base, this light can be mounted on corresponding equipment directly.

Hot Shoe Foot
With the hot shoe foot at the base, this light can be inserted into the hot shoe of the different camera.

SunwayFoto FL-54 Features

  • Solid Metal Body
  • 360 Degrees Rotation
  • Digital Display
  • Magnetic Force
  • 1/4″ screw
  • Hot Shoe Foot

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