Kopul 1/8″ Stereo Y Cable

$19.95 inc. GST

  • Stereo Male to Dual Stereo Female TRS
  • Split any Stereo 1/8″ Input or Output
  • Use Two Headphone Pairs with One Device
  • 1/8″ Gold-Plated Metal Connectors
  • Rean Connectors, a Trademark of Neutrik
  • OFC Spiral-Shielded Cable
  • 8″ Long
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The 1/8″ Stereo Y Cable from Kopul features a 1/8″ stereo male TRS connector that splits to two 1/8″ stereo female TRS inputs, allowing you to split a stereo signal, such as a headphone output, to two stereo outputs. It features a premium OFC spiral-shielded cable for reduced EMI and is 8-inches in length. Its gold-plated metal connectors are manufactured by Rean, a trademark of Neutrik.