Jupio USB Battery Charger for Sony (For Sony A7 III)

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  • Charge Select Li-Ion Batteries from USB
  • Output Range: 7.2 to 8.4V, 700mA
  • Includes Two Battery Plates
  • Illuminated LCD Status Screen
  • Micro-USB Input Port
  • Compact Portable Design

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This compact and convenient USB Charger Kit for Select Sony Batteries from Jupio is a USB-powered battery charger made for batteries with an output of 7.2 to 8.4V. The capability to charge from a USB charger, powerbank battery pack, or vehicle-based USB power outlet makes it possible to recharge the batteries at home or on the road or anywhere in the world. It comes complete with two interchangeable battery plates, making it a versatile charger if when more than one brand of battery-powered device. It features a large, illuminated LCD panel to show battery charge status.